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Phil Boddy
Phil Boddy (Elder)

Phil and his wife Deb became members of MCF in 2013. They have two daughters Kristina and Rachel. Phil is qualified in electro-mechanical design and manages a local engineering company. As well as contributing to the preaching and leading of services, Phil and Deb have an open house for small group mid week teaching and fellowship. Phil is passionate about relating faith to work and all aspects of life and has a real heart for the youth and family environment of the church.

John Martin
John Martin (Elder)

John has been a faithful member of MCF for many years and continues to serve the fellowship through preaching, teaching and caring.

Lina Vickers
Lina Vickers (Deacon)

Lina was married to Paul and has four grown up children: Hannah, Serena, Christina and Daniel. She was widowed in January 2009. Lina works as a general practice nurse at the local Hinchingbrooke Hospital. She has been a member of MCF for a number of years and was called to serve as a Deacon in April 2012.

 Maria George Elder
Maria George (Deacon)

In May 2012, after being a part of Godmanchester Baptist Church for nearly 40 years, Maria & her husband John felt led to join MCF after God had placed on their hearts a real burden for the people living on the Oxmoor. They have 5 grown up children, 6 grandchildren and a dog!  Maria has for many years been involved in working with children, young people and their families and more recently with seniors. She became a Deacon in Dec 2013 and is currently very involved in the community work of Love Oxmoor and providing administrative support.

Sam Graham
Sam Graham

Sam has been the youth worker for MCF for the last three years. After completing a Foundation Degree in Theology and Evangelism he is now studying Youth Ministry at Ridley Hall Cambridge. He has a heart for young people to know they are valued and loved by God. Sam has been a mentor at a local secondary school working with the safeguarding unit to support students with mental health issues and some discipleship work with Youth for Christ. As well as youth ministry he also leads worship for the church and organisations across Cambridgeshire.